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Vouchers don’t promote civil rights

  To no one’s surprise, state Sen. Dan Patrick is getting carried away with his own rhetoric over the private school voucher issue, which will be the top priority for Patrick and others seeking to weaken the public schools during … Continue reading

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Invest more in all children, not just a handful

The importance of making greater public investments in our children – all our children, not just a handful who would win a voucher lottery – has been highlighted again in a new report, which is discussed in a New York … Continue reading

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Your money doesn’t belong to school profiteers

Comptroller Susan Combs says it is important that she remind Texas taxpayers how their money is being spent. So she has spent some more of it to issue a new report, “Your Money and the Taxing Facts,” which you can … Continue reading

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Moving the status quo farther behind

The Romney-Ryan campaign obviously is more than a little sensitive about being portrayed as anti-public education. But the portrayal fits. The deep education budget cuts proposed by Paul Ryan in Congress – and apparently endorsed by Romney – contrast sharply … Continue reading

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