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The me-first approach to tax-subsidized education

  Many parents’ interest in education doesn’t extend beyond the quality of their own children’s schools, a fact reinforced by an email I received recently from the parent of a student (or students) now attending a new BASIS charter school … Continue reading

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Moody’s warns of charter financial threat to school districts

  Advocates of charter schools argue that taking students and tax dollars from traditional public schools and turning the revenue over to corporate-style charters doesn’t hurt neighborhood schools. Public school supporters who already knew that argument was wrong have now … Continue reading

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Merit pay plan unfair and backwards

  The administrators running Waco ISD have their heads in the sand. They are considering a so-called “merit” bonus plan that would reward teachers for good test results but miss the boat on how student achievement is accomplished. You can … Continue reading

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While teachers moonlight, Rainy Day Fund keeps growing

  For the legislative majority to feign poverty as a reason for short-changing public education is short-sighted. It also is disingenuous, and if that word is too long, it is dishonest. With the economy improving, the Legislature this year restored … Continue reading

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