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Teach Common Core and go to jail?

  Extremist may not be a strong enough word to describe the education critics who met recently in Austin to rail at the modern world, castigate compromise and entertain the idea of jailing teachers who dared to use the Common … Continue reading

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Abbott: Still making the wrong kind of news on education

  Attorney General Greg Abbott loses so many lawsuits – while wasting your tax dollars – that still another loss barely rates as news anymore. Just yesterday, while a visiting state judge was strongly denying Abbott’s attempt to remove state … Continue reading

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Abbott’s and the GOP’s anti-education platform

  If Greg Abbott and the Republicans who made him their gubernatorial nominee have their way, the war on public education in Texas will be renewed, beginning with further cuts in funding for both public schools and higher education. Abbott, … Continue reading

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Bad news for a North Texas school district

  Watching bigots in public places fall all over themselves with apologies has become something of a spectator sport in this day of social media. But it is far from entertaining. The latest example comes from the Keller ISD in … Continue reading

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