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Bad attacks on good teachers

  Texas is not New York, as countless politicians have felt the need to remind us over the years, but so-called education “reformers” who pose a threat to public schools in both states share a common tactic – the demonization … Continue reading

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Health care lifeline in jeopardy; Cruz celebrates

  The junior U.S. senator from Texas – the one with the jumbo ego and jeering disregard for most of his constituents — was at his worst this week, chortling over the prospect that thousands of working-class Texans could lose … Continue reading

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Real security is more than political rhetoric

  Real security for Texas families is more than hyperbolic, politically charged rhetoric over “securing” Texas’ border with Mexico, a refrain that Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick, among others, continue repeating ad nauseam. For example, there is the future security … Continue reading

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Playing politics with tomorrow’s history

  What good is the Fourth of July to a politician if he or she can’t wave the flag and pass the hat? The Independence Day email that Dan Patrick wasted on me, however, fell flat. He won’t get a … Continue reading

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