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Wendy, Leticia attract educators; Abbott aims lower

  You can tell a lot about political candidates by the people who are attracted to them. Some candidates attract the cream of the crop, while others appeal more to the dregs at the bottom of the barrel. Educators, some … Continue reading

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Sam Houston: The right choice for attorney general, education

  Sam Houston, the Democratic nominee for attorney general, is the real deal. By that, I mean he has strong qualifications for the office, and Sam Houston is his real name. He isn’t one of those guys who make up … Continue reading

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Consider a candidate’s education record, not promises

  When Dan Patrick opens his mouth, claiming to support public education, you can be assured that two things will emerge – hot air and an untruth. (Lie is such an ugly word.) The legitimate, pro-education candidate for lieutenant governor, … Continue reading

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We can’t survive on budget cuts, as Ebola is making clear

  I have written repeatedly about the political shortsightedness involved in making budget cuts to public schools with the resulting loss of teachers’ jobs, larger class sizes and other negative impacts on children’s educations and the state’s future. Now, we … Continue reading

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