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Bluster from non-education experts

  First, the pro-voucher crowd trotted out economist-for-hire Arthur Laffer, who issued a mostly political, pie-in-the-sky report claiming that private school vouchers would coat Texas’ future in gold. Laffer’s report was promptly discredited by a serious, academic review concluding that … Continue reading

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Latest voucher bill still a bad idea

  By tightening up on their legislation a bit, private school voucher advocates are trying to convince us that they really do want to help low-income children. But the facts remain the same. Few poor families, if any, would benefit … Continue reading

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Understand it — money does matter

Some people may not get it, or maybe they just refuse to acknowledge it, but when it comes to educational quality, money counts. Rob Eissler didn’t seem to get it four years ago when, as chairman of the House Public … Continue reading

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Want some more cuts in education spending?

  Pressing the case for his potentially dangerous proposal to put tighter limits on state spending, Sen. Kelly Hancock of North Richland Hills noted this week that Texas voters are conservative. Judging from last year’s election results, most Texas voters … Continue reading

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