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The gift of free public schools for all comers

  I long have thought the pledge of allegiance to the Texas flag is technically wrong. I mean that part about our state being “indivisible.” The congressional resolution under which Texas was admitted to the Union in 1845 provides that … Continue reading

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Putting pre-K in the political cross-hairs

  Allegations from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s Flat Earth brigade that pre-kindergarten programs are “Godless” and “socialistic” have as much basis in fact as equally ludicrous claims from extremists who believe that any sensible form of gun control is “treason.” … Continue reading

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Spinning fiction over vouchers

  During Senate debate on the voucher bill, Education Committee Chairman Larry Taylor was still spinning the fiction that his voucher bill, Senate Bill 4, would not spend public money on private schools because it would create scholarships funded with … Continue reading

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Making public education an after-thought

  I am not sure how I got on Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s mailing list. Maybe it’s someone’s idea of “blessing” my day with a guaranteed dose of annoyance, but nevertheless at least once a week I get a “Dear … Continue reading

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