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Campaigning against educators and the middle class

  It is outrageous to campaign for any public office, especially for president of the United States, on a record of attacking teachers, health care workers and other public employees who provide essential, everyday services to millions of people, often … Continue reading

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Courting business leaders, ignoring educators

  As most of us already know, there is little, if any, barrier between big money and state government in Texas, but Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has blurred the distinction even more, if that is possible. Patrick has regular, private, … Continue reading

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The Wall Street Journal lies; attacks teachers and workers

  Ever since its purchase by a right-wing mega-millionaire with a history of being challenged by basic journalistic ethics, the Wall Street Journal has sometimes refused to let facts interfere with an editorial policy strongly tilted against the working class, … Continue reading

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When a fairy tale becomes a nightmare for education

  The governor and the legislative majority cut taxes, promising that everyone would prosper and live happily ever after. And, they were considered heroes in the eyes of constituents who believe the best government is the least possible government. Sound … Continue reading

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