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Educators have reason to fear a Walker presidency

  Despite what it may often resemble, the long race to elect the next president of the United States is, of course, more than a bad vaudeville show. It will result in our turning over the White House to the … Continue reading

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Dallas ISD needs a superintendent, not a bully

  Mike Miles, the dictatorial superintendent of Dallas ISD, may or may not have skated closer to the precipice of getting fired when he recently ignored the wishes of a majority of his elected school board and terminated three principals, … Continue reading

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Did author of Second Amendment order campus gun ban?

  James Madison, the author of the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment right to bear arms, unfortunately wasn’t around to weigh in on the recent legislative debate over whether firearms should be allowed on college campuses. But he … Continue reading

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Schools get $1.5 billion; hoarders get $18 billion

  The $1.5 billion that the Legislature appropriated for public education (on top of enrollment growth) in the new, two-year state budget certainly is better than a $5.4 billion cut, which is what happened four years ago. But it is … Continue reading

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