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Spinning a bad education budget

  As are many of his colleagues, state Rep. Scott Sanford of McKinney, one of the tea party darlings undermining public education, already is preparing for next spring’s Republican primary, where he will be courting the votes of ultra-conservative, anti-government … Continue reading

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Spreading vouchers to suburbia

  Remember when all those voucher advocates used to shed crocodile tears over the plight of low-income children “trapped in (allegedly) failing schools”? Remember their claims that they were trying to help only inner-city kids with tax dollars for private … Continue reading

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Without change in Legislature, education goal will wither

  It is great to set ambitious educational goals, as the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is expected to do today for the emerging generation of Texans. It would be even better to see them realized, but that will be … Continue reading

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Waiting in the dark for school supplies

  With temperatures in Central Texas nearing 100 degrees, it is almost time for a new school year. I know that may not make a lot of sense, but it is the way it is. I hope all the air … Continue reading

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