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The dangerous intersection of science and politics

  Listening to politicians, including several current presidential candidates, is kind of like surfing the Internet. A lot of what you hear and read is true, but much of it is totally made up and pure hogwash. That observation came … Continue reading

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Obama still would use tests to evaluate teachers

  Although the Obama administration is partially retreating on standardized testing, it is not giving up on the discredited idea of tying student test scores to teacher evaluations, at least not entirely. The administration’s “Testing Action Plan” calls only for … Continue reading

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Testing: Is the time ripe for change?

  First, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a national cheerleader for standardized testing, prepares to head into the Washington sunset. Then President Obama and a new national study note the obvious – testing has gotten out of control and needs to … Continue reading

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A bad “fix” for health care is bad for education

  Gov. Greg Abbott isn’t endorsing anyone yet in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, but he has listed the top criteria for a candidate to gain his support. The first two are border security and “fixing” Medicaid. There … Continue reading

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