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Politicians, not educators, have made testing a “complex” issue

  After the study commission with the overly long name punted on the issue of STAAR and standardized testing, some of its members apparently felt the need to offer excuses for ignoring the growing, anti-standardized testing sentiment among educators and … Continue reading

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Another idea for ripping off schools and taxpayers

  Add another organization to the list of advocates trying to rip off taxpayers and shortchange millions of school children under the guise of education “reform.” The new group, Texans for Education Opportunity, will promote various so-called “school choice” alternatives. … Continue reading

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Education is a life-changer – for most people

  Formal education is a life-changer, and over the years it obviously has improved countless millions of lives. But education has its limits. It can’t always erase prejudicial thinking, as we are constantly reminded. Two of the most recent reminders … Continue reading

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When education isn’t a priority

  State Higher Education Commissioner Raymund Paredes and members of the State Board of Education were squabbling with each other yesterday over who was dropping the ball in preparing Texas young people for college. They were squabbling with the wrong … Continue reading

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