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Ideologues promote ideology, not education or public service

  As a general rule of prudence, it is better to try to avoid a disaster than have to clean up after one. In theory, that may be what the Texas Association of Business (TAB) thinks it is doing now … Continue reading

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Trying to predict Congress’ mood on school vouchers

  With most headlines out of Washington, D.C., these days ranging from absurd to gloomy to scary, an education headline from The San Diego Union-Tribune was remarkably upbeat. “Why Trump education nominee’s agenda is dead on arrival,” it declared, atop … Continue reading

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A cowardly attack on academic freedom

  You may never have heard of Charlie Kirk, but he is a rising star of conservative politics in America who is still in his early 20s. On his Twitter page, he calls himself a “proud capitalist, best selling author, … Continue reading

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