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Teachers are good for business, but some businesses don’t get it

  Teachers are good for business. We all know that, right? All of us, apparently, except members of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) or, at least, its Texas leadership in Austin. NFIB, the group of small business owners, … Continue reading

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SBOE member issues very silly, meaningless defense of DeVos

  Many people who supported the unfit Betsy DeVos for education secretary have offered weak rationalizations, but the silliest statement in support of her that I have seen came from State Board of Education member David Bradley of Beaumont. Bradley … Continue reading

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DeVos’ confirmation spurs anti-voucher fight in Texas

  Some of the more avid Texas supporters of Betsy DeVos, the most unqualified person ever to become U.S. Secretary of Education, include Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick – who consistently put ideology over what’s best for … Continue reading

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How Senate leaders plan to reduce school funding

  A couple of weeks ago, Senate Finance Chairwoman Jane Nelson announced the formation of a working group that supposedly will find a “better” way to pay for Texas’ public schools. Don’t hold your breath, though. If it does anything, … Continue reading

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