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Another bad idea: business internships for teachers

  I will applaud Gov. John Kasich of Ohio for one thing: he tried to beat Donald Trump in last year’s presidential race. But as an education policymaker, Kasich leaves a bit to be desired. Consider, for instance, his not-so-bright … Continue reading

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House leadership tries to help students and educators; Senate leaders play politics

  It has been obvious since before this legislative session began that more than the Capitol rotunda separates the Senate from the House. There is, in fact, a deep gulf between the leadership priorities of the two lawmaking chambers. In … Continue reading

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Voucher advocates fight back

  As I warned yesterday, the voucher fight isn’t over, despite the good news that House Education Chairman Dan Huberty has announced his intent to scuttle the proposal. Voucher advocates are promising to double down on their efforts, and Republican … Continue reading

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Education chairman’s opposition to vouchers is huge, but…

  TSTA and other public education advocates were heartened, maybe even a little jubilant, at the news yesterday that House Public Education Chairman Dan Huberty is planning to slam the door on private school vouchers. We take Chairman Huberty at … Continue reading

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