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The man is basically a schoolyard bully

  Rep. Matt Rinaldi of Irving did more than become the latest poster child for intolerance when he claimed to have sicced immigration agents on people who were protesting the new “sanctuary cities” law at the Capitol during the closing … Continue reading

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His sanctimony aside, Dan Patrick is to blame for school finance failure

  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick waxed sanctimonious after the final defeat of the House’s effort to improve school funding but don’t be misled by his demagoguery. The blame for the school finance failure rests squarely with Patrick. Speaker Joe Straus … Continue reading

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Abbott’s ideology trumps family ties; school kids will pay

  Gov. Abbott is still denying the obvious — that the new “sanctuary cities” law that he promoted and signed will result in discrimination against tens of thousands of Hispanics and members of other minority groups who are legal residents … Continue reading

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Why vouchers leave special ed kids behind

  In a last gasp attempt to revive school privatization before this legislative session ends, voucher advocates are offering to limit education savings accounts, or vouchers, to special education kids. But they are peddling false hope. If this voucher proposal … Continue reading

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