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Free speech is essential, even when it is self-serving

  Private donors at the University of North Texas had every right to recruit Donald Trump Jr. to deliver a speech this week to raise money for university scholarships. They had every right to pay the president’s son $100,000 for … Continue reading

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Trump, DeVos target college loan forgiveness program

  Despite all his ill-informed hyperbole, President Trump’s knowledge about the lives and concerns of everyday Americans, including young school teachers and other college graduates, is hugely deficient. I don’t think he comprehends, for example, what it means to be … Continue reading

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School kids once had role models at the top

  Let us count the titles emanating from the West Wing: Tweeter-in-chief, bully-in-chief, liar-in-chief, pouter-in-chief, narcissist-in-chief, moron-in-chief. Outrageous and demeaning. Commander-in-chief. Terrifying. Role-model-in-chief? No way. And that is shameful. There was a time when just about any school teacher would … Continue reading

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Two judicial views of education, school kids

  This is an abbreviated tale of two judges. One was a legal and civil rights giant who opened the doors of public schools to millions of children. The other is better known as a conservative Tweeter who has neglected … Continue reading

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