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Trump fails to connect with science and Nobel scientists

  If you still are able to tolerate childishness in high office or see nothing wrong with the dumbing down of America, you may want to stop reading now. Otherwise, here goes. I recently learned, courtesy of The New York … Continue reading

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It’s a war; refuting the school privatization lies

  The Atlantic recently published a story about the bum rap that school privatization advocates continue to give public education. The article, linked below, is well-worth taking the time to read, although I believe the headline misses the boat, which … Continue reading

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A lot of votes, including educators’, are being taken for granted

  If you are an educator or just about any other middle-class, working Texan, you can find a lot about government to complain about. Your local property taxes continue to soar. You may be discovering the added irritation and growing … Continue reading

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Taking Confederate names off schools is not denying history

  Austin ISD’s announcement that it will rename several more schools that have long carried names associated with the Confederacy has fanned more controversy over how we address that period of  our country’s history. Intentionally or not, some protesters to … Continue reading

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