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Teacher pay in Texas isn’t “average”

  When is “average” not average? It’s when we are talking about teacher pay in Texas. That’s when “average” becomes deficient. I have seen a couple of references lately about how Texas’ teachers are paid about “average” among the states, … Continue reading

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Dan Patrick disputes the truth about his war on education

  As the entire education community knows, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and his political allies, including Gov. Greg Abbott, declared war on public education a long time ago. And by education community, I don’t mean the pro-voucher and pro-privatization crowd … Continue reading

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School safety may be easy to campaign on, but….

  Gov. Greg Abbott used the school safety issue and the fear of gun violence to receive some positive publicity for his reelection campaign during a visit to Nacogdoches the other day. Has Abbott actually done anything to protect schools … Continue reading

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Spreading lies about teachers and education funding

  It was inevitable, about as inevitable as Donald Trump spewing his next lie. Super-wealthy rightwingers who don’t care about public education, except what they can squeeze from it, have organized a campaign of lies against teachers who have been … Continue reading

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