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Trying to defend the indefensible – Dan Patrick and high property taxes

  As state senators in 2011, Dan Patrick and Glenn Hegar both voted for a state budget that slashed $5.4 billion in state funding from public education, thereby increasing pressure on local property taxpayers to fund schools. Now, Patrick, as … Continue reading

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Patrick shoots down idea to protect schools

  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says he wants to protect students and educators from gun violence, but his first priority is keeping the firearms industry happy. Gov. Greg Abbott also is a major promoter of firearms, but in the days … Continue reading

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Playing politics with history and education

  You may recall that not too many years ago a majority on the State Board of Education brought ridicule upon themselves and the state of Texas by writing curriculum standards for Texas students that downplayed slavery as the cause … Continue reading

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When you don’t want to pay for schools, talk nonsense

  There are many obstacles to public education in the Texas Legislature, and one is Sen. Don Huffines of Dallas, who opened his mouth this week in a committee hearing on improving school security and delivered nonsense. Nonsense, of course, … Continue reading

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