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Ted Cruz and Betsy DeVos are school privatization partners

  One thing is certain about whatever Ted Cruz may claim he has “accomplished” for public education during his time in the U.S. Senate: educators and school children can’t afford more of the same. First, he voted to confirm Betsy … Continue reading

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You have demonstrated and tweeted for education, but nothing will change if you don’t vote

  You are an educator. All year you have been reading stories about underpaid and under-appreciated educators. You have been watching video clips of angry teachers marching, demonstrating and walking off their jobs to protest low pay and underfunded classrooms … Continue reading

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Who pays a bigger price for public service? Judges or teachers?

  Texas teachers, it is time to cue in some sad music for Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, who is complaining that he is underpaid. “Public service…should not be public servitude,” he told a legislative committee, according to … Continue reading

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Paxton trying to remove health care from millions of educators and other Americans

  The current crop of state leaders gives educators a lot of bad choices on this year’s election ballot, but one of the worst, especially for retired educators and everyone one else who values their health care, is Attorney General … Continue reading

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