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Ted Cruz and Betsy DeVos are school privatization partners

  One thing is certain about whatever Ted Cruz may claim he has “accomplished” for public education during his time in the U.S. Senate: educators and school children can’t afford more of the same. First, he voted to confirm Betsy … Continue reading

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Charter schools seeking more tax money

  Despite evidence to the contrary, some people still subscribe to the perception that charter schools are the “silver bullet” solution for education, as the competition between charters and traditional public schools for limited state tax dollars remains intense. In … Continue reading

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There is no “civil right” to attend a charter school

  Gov. Greg Abbott is confused. Maybe it’s because he has been listening to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick too much. In any event, he was parroting Patrick this week – there ought to be a law against that — and … Continue reading

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Watch out when education “reformers” join forces

  When two self-styled “education reform” groups announce they are joining forces to improve public schools, educators and parents need to be skeptical. Most of these groups are more interested in taking tax dollars to privatize education, not improve it. … Continue reading

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