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Dan Patrick’s Happy New Year greeting to teachers…or maybe not

  I received my Happy New Year email from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick the other day. It was mostly a message reminding me of what a great leader he thinks he is and reminding me of his political priorities – … Continue reading

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Is school finance study commission the real thing…or a charade?

  We soon will learn whether the Texas Commission on Public School Finance will live up to its name or merely be another charade concocted by Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Will it actually make recommendations to … Continue reading

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Want to lower your property taxes? Don’t vote for Abbott or Patrick

  Some political promises are predictable…and worthless. Gov. Greg Abbott’s vow, during last weekend’s debate, to provide “relief” for property taxpayers was predictable. It was just as predictable as the fact that he won’t provide a cent of real relief … Continue reading

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Does Dan Patrick care about educators or retirees? Not really

  A good rule to remember whenever Dan Patrick opens his mouth, especially about public education, is not to believe him. And if a few months before Election Day he issues a public letter in which he purports to care … Continue reading

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