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84th Legislature: Take action!

The tools you need to take action

Here are the links to track bills, read about top issues, and learn how to contact your legislators. Don’t forget to download the TSTA App, free from iTunes or Google Play.

Follow the action

Throughout the 84th Texas Legislature, your government relations staff – Ed Martin, Portia Bosse, and John Grey – will post updates in the Education News section. 

Top issues

These are the top education issues we are watching.

Contact your legislator

• Members of the Texas House of Representatives
• Members of the Texas Senate 
• Senate Education Committee
• House Committees 

Social media

• Twitter
• Facebook

Track bills

See all the education bills that have been filed and how far they've progressed.

Watch live broadcasts from the Capitol

• Texas House of Representatives
• Texas Senate

Grading Texas blog

Read Public Affairs Specialist Clay Robison’s commentary on education and the political arena.

Find out who represents you 

Type in your address to find out who represents you in the Texas Senate, Texas House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and State Board of Education. 

Contribute to TSTA-PAC

Because TSTA dues money cannot be used to elect public officials, we must count on our members making contributions to our political action committee. Together, we can change the future, and it's easy to contribute online through our secure PayPal page! Become a continuing contributor or make a one-time contribution.


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