TSTA Staff

We’re here for you!

When you need answers — now — call TSTA’s Help Center at 877-ASK-TSTA (877-275-8782) or submit a request online in English or Spanish.

We live in a fast-paced world. We can’t wait for days for someone to get back to us. That’s why TSTA provides a Help Center, with member advocacy specialists standing by to answer your questions from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time every school day (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT in the summer).

We’re prepared to tackle a wide range of issues, from “What are my rights in this situation?” and “What does the Texas Education Agency say about this classroom issue?” to “Can I get some more membership forms?” and “I just moved — who is my local president?”

Following is a listing of the staff people in each organizing center and their email addresses. You will get a better response to your request, even legal issues, by calling 877-ASK-TSTA rather than emailing a specific staff person.

Organizing Center for Executive and Governance | Organizing Center for Business and Technology | Organizing Center for Public Affairs | Organizing Center for Affiliate and Leadership Development | Area Organizing Team 1 | Area Organizing Team 2 | Area Organizing Team 3 | Area Organizing Team 4 | Organizing Center for Legal Services and Member Advocacy

Organizing Center for Executive and Governance

Ovidia Molina, President

Linda Estrada, Vice President

Richard Kouri, Executive Director

Anezka Carmona, Deputy Director of Executive and Governance

Crystal Carpenter, Assistant Governance Coordinator

Organizing Center for Business and Technology

Sherra Bowers, Chief Financial Officer and Director

Linda Brown, Accounting Manager

Adriana Montoya, Administrative Manager

Jana Opheim, Accounting Assistant 

Kristen Torres,  Accounting Assistant

Rose-Yvonne Colletta, Membership Assistant

Rita Hudson, Membership Assistant

Jessica Jordan, Membership Assistant

Organizing Center for Public Affairs

Portia Bosse, Public Affairs Director

Jay Kleine, Administrative Manager

James Hallamek, Government Relations Specialist

Clay Robison, Public Affairs Specialist

Carrie Griffith, Government Relations/Policy Specialist

Claire Moore, Communications and Digital Specialist

Sue Martin, Graphic Designer/Web Specialist

Renee Hernandez, Administrative Assistant


Organizing Center for Affiliate and Leadership Development

Patricia Torres Sauceda, Director of Affiliate and Leadership Development

Kay Williams, Administrative Manager

Rosie Castillo, Administrative Assistant

Tara Trautman, Administrative Assistant

Adriana Lozada, Administrative Assistant


AOT 1, serving TSTA Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Ernest Davila, Organizer

Yolanda Gonzalez, Organizer

Jeannette Garcia-Avila, Organizer

María Quezada, Organizer

Susan Salinas, Organizer

AOT 2, serving TSTA Regions 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13

Micaela Albujar-Leon, Organizer

Clinton Gill, Organizer and TSTA-Student Program Liaison

Mary Kennedy, Organizer

Alonzo Mendoza, Organizer

Sandra Salazar, Organizer

Jason Wylie, Organizer

AOT 3, serving TSTA Regions 14, 15,16, and 17

Beth Walker-Martinez, Organizer

Marita Palmer, Organizer

Brittany McCoy, Organizer

Kim Martinic, Organizer

AOT 4, serving TSTA Regions 18, and 19

Jose Perez, Organizer

Malinda McKee, Organizer

Tammye Walker, Organizer

Organizing Center for Legal Services and Member Advocacy

(All legal email goes to:  the Help Center, English or Spanish)

Amanda Moore, General Counsel and Director of Legal Services

Jenny Benavidez, Administrative Manager

Portia Talley, Staff Counsel

Matthew Wackerle, Member Advocacy Specialist

Sai Zhang, Member Advocacy Specialist

Jessica Patterson, Help Center Attorney

Stephen Tompkins, Help Center Attorney

Nancy Gomez, Paralegal

Natalie Martinez, Help Center Assistant