TSTA House of Delegates Elections

Update: The 2021 House of Delegates was held virtually on April 24 and 25, 2021.

TSTA At-Large Board of Directors: 

The following candidates were elected by acclamation to serve as TSTA ESP At-Large Board members. Their term will be from July 15, 2021 through July 14, 2024:

  • Maria Hernandez, Ysleta Teachers Association
  • Lajon Pennix, Fort Worth Education Association
  • Trasell Underwood, Education Austin

NEA Director Election: Nominations are open for NEA Director for Texas, Place 1. The successful candidate for NEA Director for Texas, Place 1 will serve a three-year term on the NEA Board of Directors beginning September 1, 2022, and will sit as a voting member of the TSTA Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning July 15, 2022. Follow this link for the filing form for the NEA Director election, https://tsta.wufoo.com/forms/candidate-for-nea-director-filing-form/

Local Delegate Elections for the State HoD
Allocations and corresponding chartering information will be mailed around early February to all local presidents. If you have any questions regarding your allocations or compliance, please email elections@tsta.org or call the Center for Executive and Governance toll-free at 877-ASK-TSTA.

State HoD Delegate Election Report Forms

Update regarding Delegate Registration for the 2021 TSTA House of Delegates:

Delegate registration for 2021 HoD delegates takes place from 12:01 AM (CT) on April 3 to 11:59 PM (CT) on April 12! No contact made prior to that time will constitute a registration. Delegates wishing to participate in the 2021 HoD Business or vote in any TSTA 2021 Elections MUST register in order to participate and be mailed a ballot. Again, only registered delegates will receive a ballot or be permitted to participate in HoD business.

If you are a delegate to the convention, communication was mailed to you by TSTA with information regarding how to register for the 2021 HoD. If you are a delegate and you did not receive communication with this information, please call or text 877-726-6321. Please include your name, local, mailing address, and callback number to begin the process.

Please contact elections@tsta.org or call 512.698.9189 if you have any questions.

Local Delegate Election Reports must be received at TSTA HQ by March 15. A confirmation receipt will be issued for all submissions. Any submission that arrives after March 15 must be accompanied by a letter from the local president to explain why it is late. Any submission presented after April 1st automatically goes to credentials. As always, the Center for Executive and Governance will look up membership information for each delegate and work with the local president to make sure that the local’s delegate election report is complete and complies with TSTA Election policies.

Please email all forms to elections@tsta.org
Local Delegate Election reports may be submitted as noted below:

If your local has 15 or less delegates and elected 15 or less alternates, you may submit their information using the following e-form links. The first link includes certification and delegate information. The second link, alternate information. If you use these links, please email a copy of your election tally to elections@tsta.org. To enter delegate or alternate information on these e-forms, you only need to enter their name and one piece of identifying information- either their membership ID, Last Four digits of their social security number, or the first line of their street address.

Delegate Report Form link: https://tsta.wufoo.com/forms/tsta-hod-local-delegate-election-report-2021/
Alternate Report Form link: https://tsta.wufoo.com/forms/tsta-hod-local-alternate-election-report-2021/

If your local has more than 15 delegates, please use the excel spreadsheet posted below. Please note there are separate delegates and alternates tabs on the spreadsheet. In addition to the spreadsheet, you will need to send the election report form (posted below) and your election tally to elections@tsta.org.

Election Report Form
Election Report Excel Form

If you need to make any adjustments with your delegates (delegate to alternate or vice versa) after sending in your election report, please do so by contacting elections@tsta.org prior to April 1.

Cluster Delegates

TSTA members who have no opportunity to join a local association or who belong to a local that is not eligible to elect a delegate are still eligible to seek election as a delegate to the TSTA House of Delegates through a cluster election. The deadline by which a member must notify the TSTA Center for Executive and Governance of his or her interest in seeking election as a cluster delegate is February 26, 2021. https://tsta.wufoo.com/forms/hod-cluster-election-request-form/

Local Delegate Elections for the Regional HoD

Regional Houses of Delegates are held on the date established by each Region. Please contact your Regional President for more information about dates, times, and locations.

The President of your Local Association must submit the results of your local delegate elections to your Regional President (by the deadline established by the Regional President) on the TSTA Regional HoD Election Forms. These include:

• Regional HoD Delegates
• Regional HoD Alternates
• Multiple entries form (for additional delegates/alternates page 2 to end)

General Information

For more information on election procedures and requirements, please review TSTA Board Policy EP-8 (Election of Local Delegates to the State House of Delegates) and TSTA Board Policy EP-13 (Election of Local Delegates to the Regional House of Delegates).

If you have questions, please contact the Center for Executive and Governance at 877-ASK-TSTA.