TSTA Pre-Retired

Join Now – Retire Later!

Lock in your pre-paid Lifetime TSTA-R membership before retiring and check one more task off your retirement “to-do” list!

Pre-Retired Subscription

Aren’t you ready to retire yet?  If you’re an educational employee and have an active TSTA/NEA membership, you can pre-purchase a TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired lifetime membership. You’ll be able to ensure that your membership benefits will continue without interruption as you make the transition into retirement.

Note: You must maintain your regular TSTA/NEA membership while you are still employed.

You’re entitled as a Pre-Retired subscriber to attend TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired’s meetings and conferences in a non-voting capacity.

Pre-Retired subscriptions are pre-paid Retired Lifetime Memberships. Starting in 19-20, you can choose from three payment plans, or a one-time payment via bank draft or credit/debit card. For more information please refer to the TSTA-R Pre-Retired Subscription enrollment form.

Click here to enroll today.

Don’t Forget!

Once you become a Pre-Retired Subscriber, don’t forget to alert TSTA when you retire so we can change your status from “pre-retired” to “retired” and activate your pre-paid Lifetime TSTA-R/NEA-R membership with all rights and responsibilities. Call (877) ASK-TSTA and ask to speak to Member Records, or email membershiprecords@tsta.org.

Your membership status will not change until you tell us to change it.  This is especially important for our association as our delegate allocations to the TSTA House of Delegates and the NEA Representative Assembly are determined only by the number of activated TSTA-R/NEA-R memberships. In addition, as a TSTA-R/NEA-R member, you’ll have full voting rights – make sure your voice is heard!