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Are you a pre-retired subscriber who has now retired?
Please contact TSTA Headquarters to request activation of your lifetime TSTA-Retired membership! Email membershiprecords@tsta.org or call (877) ASK-TSTA and ask for Member Records. After retirement, your pre-paid lifetime membership is not effective until you notify TSTA to change your membership status.

Do we have your current email address? Please send your email address to TSTA-R@tsta.org. And, while you’re online “Like” us on Facebook.

About TSTA-Retired 

TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired was organized in 1991. This association is dedicated to the promotion of retirement with dignity, happiness, and adequate income.

Join TSTA-Retired  

It’s easy to become a member! Three categories of membership, which cater to your needs: Annual Retired, Retired Lifetime, and Pre-retired Lifetime.


Join now—retire later! Pay once and you’ll be set for life. With our Pre-Retired subscription option, you can pre-purchase your TSTA-R Lifetime membership while you’re still employed at today’s dues levels. We even have installment options available! Whether you don’t plan to retire for several months, or even years, lock in your one-time Lifetime dues amount today! Follow the link above for details.

Welcome From the President

There is a world after working in public schools! By being a part of TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired, you continue to support your professional organizations, and join a group of retirees working to safeguard the Texas Teacher Retirement System.

Board of Directors

List of TSTA-Retired Officers and Region Directors.

Social Security Watch 

NEA is working to eradicate the unfair social security offset and windfall penalties leveled on Texas school employees. Watch NEA’s website for the latest information. 

TSTA-Retired Online

Like TSTA-R on Facebook and visit regional association sites! Receive the most up-to-date info on what’s happening now in TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired. Reconnect with former colleagues and discuss current issues that face retired education employees today in Texas.

5-minute Retirement Checkup 

In less than 5 minutes, you can take the pulse of your retirement plan. Where are you now and where do you need to be?

Member Benefits 

Participate in member benefits, such as insurance plans, every day savings, travel discounts, banking and credit financing options (home, auto, appliances), retirement saving and planning resources, and free or discounted magazine subscriptions.

TRS Updates/Education News

For the most up-to-date information on TRS, check TSTA’s Education News section or visit TSTA-Retired’s Facebook page.

TSTA Retired Presidents 

We are forever grateful to our leadership for guiding TSTA-Retired to what it is today. See timeline of past and present TSTA-Retired Presidents.

TSTA-Retired Staff 

TSTA staff dedicated to supporting TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired.

Mission and Vision Statement