Welcome from TSTA-AE President

Welcome Aspiring Educator!

Thank you for becoming a part of the Texas State Teachers Association-Aspiring Educators Program. Aspiring educators strive to be great educators and obtain a deeper understanding of what it means to be an educator. Being a part of TSTA-AE is an ideal way to reach our goals.

As a member of TSTA-AE, we aspire to be a great educator. We aim to maintain educator quality through continuing our education with professional development, which is provided at your local chapter, your district conventions, and our TSTA-AE state convention. We participate in community engagement through many different community projects and volunteer work carried out by local chapters across the state of Texas. We engage in political action by being knowledgeable and advocating for public education and elevating the voice of our future students. We commit to social justice by bringing light to discrimination and inequality.

TSTA-AE members are a group of like-minded aspiring educators, current educators, and mentors who all share the same goals and vision. You are part of a family of coconspirators who will support and encourage you on your path to becoming a great educator. Join us as we stand together to provide every student with an opportunity to succeed. Together, we will create a better tomorrow for all students, educators, and public schools.

I encourage you to explore the following websites and take advantage of the many opportunities that await you as a member of TSTA-Aspiring Educators:

  • www.tsta.org: information about the Texas State Teachers Association
  • www.nea.org: information about the National Education Association, the largest organization for teachers in the nation
  • www.nea.org/student: information about the NEA-Aspiring Educator Program
  • www.neamb.com/: discounts on shopping, travel, dining and much more through programs for savings on brand name merchandise, online stores, and popular restaurants
  • https://neaedjustice.org/: get connected and engaged to advocate for racial and social justice in our schools and communities.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at prandolph06@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


Paula Randolph
Texas State Teacher Association Aspiring Educator State President
University of Houston Clear Lake
Bachelor of Science 7-12 Mathematics Teachers