Welcome from TSTA-AE President


Howdy! Welcome and thank you for being part of the Texas State Teachers Association-Aspiring Educators Program (TSTA-AE). In affiliation with the National Education Association (NEA), TSTA-AE advocates for public education that is built upon strong chapters within colleges and universities across the state. The Aspiring Educators Program was established for future educators and allies to join together to support and create strong public schools in our state and the nation.

Our program focuses on building partnerships within our communities. Chapters take on various opportunities that aid our community. This includes donations, school projects and events, book drives, and much more. Furthermore, you will find many opportunities for professional development for personal growth, readiness, and confidence in today’s classrooms. We believe that the future of this nation belongs to public education, and we must support and give back within our best abilities for major success.

By joining TSTA-AE, you are choosing to take part in one of the most influential organizations in the State of Texas and a family of like-minded individuals who have the same vision and goals. Together, we will create a better tomorrow for all students, teachers, and public schools.

I encourage you to explore the following websites and take advantage of the many opportunities that await you as a member of TSTA-Aspiring Educators:

  • www.tsta.org: information about the Texas State Teachers Association
  • www.nea.org: information about the National Education Association, the largest organization for teachers in the nation
  • www.nea.org/student: information about the NEA-Aspiring Educator Program
  • www.neamb.com: discounts on shopping, travel, and dining through NEA’s “Click-n-Save” program for savings on brand name merchandise, online stores, and popular restaurants

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at f1124@tamu.edu. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Faye Thai
TSTA-Aspiring Educators State President
Texas A&M University