How to participate in the reading academy process

There are currently three opportunities to participate in the development and implementation of the reading academies. TEA is seeking candidates to:

  • pilot reading academy modules
  • complete a cohort leader screening process (Academy coaches and facilitators must at minimum demonstrate proficiency on this screening)
  • participate on the expert reading panel (This group who will evaluate the cohort leader screening)


Reading Academies Pilot
TEA seeks reading experts and practitioners to participate in and provide feedback on the content, quality, and usability of the reading academy prototype modules prior to full implementation. Participants will have access to the modules at no cost, will have the opportunity to influence the final statewide product, and will receive free coaching and professional learning to support the content provided. Candidates will be evaluated based on interest, experience, and content knowledge.

Cohort Leader
“Cohort leader” is the position title given to both facilitator (blended reading academy) and coach (comprehensive model). Cohort leaders will guide sessions and discussions, provide coaching and support, and evaluate and provide feedback on academy participants’ demonstration of learning. A prerequisite to being hired as a cohort leader is demonstrated proficiency in the screening process. Though authorized providers will ultimately select and hire the cohort leaders, TEA is screening all applicants.

Cohort leaders must be prepared to lead either in a blended or comprehensive cohort. A full-time leader can serve up to three blended cohorts or one comprehensive cohort. A part-time leader can serve one or two blended cohorts.

The screening is a three-fold process. Applicants must:

  • complete a multiple choice pre-screening
  • complete the same artifacts that will be included in the reading academies
  • review and evaluate sample artifacts

There will be three application windows: March 9-31, April 22-May 3, and May 22-June 7.

Expert Reading Panel
TEA is seeking candidates to serve on a panel that will evaluate the cohort leader screenings. Finalists will be invited for an interview.

To apply: