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Rep. Garza tries to wriggle out of anti-education vote

Add State Rep. John Garza of San Antonio to the list of Republican legislators now trying to wriggle their way around their votes last year to slash public school funding by $5.4 billion. Garza is locked in a reelection race … Continue reading

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Education “reformers” love a bad idea

Self-styled education “reformers” don’t have all the answers, but you can be sure they will continue promoting bad ideas. And, one bad idea in particular that just won’t go away is tying teacher evaluations to student test scores. Research repeatedly … Continue reading

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Legislator rewriting anti-education record

Now that it is time to face the voters, State Rep. Stefani Carter of Dallas is stumbling all over herself trying to hide her anti-public education voting record during last year’s legislative sessions. On her campaign website, she portrays herself … Continue reading

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A tie between voting rights and education

At first glance, you may not think the article, linked below, about the Voting Rights Act has much to do with public education, but there is a strong connection. Hang on for a few paragraphs, and I will explain. The … Continue reading

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